IPS QC Service is provided at No Additional Expense for all users of CPAC Quality Chemistry as supplied by Independent Photographic Supplies Pty Ltd.

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Why is it important?

  • Saves Money by reducing Print and Chemical Waste
  • Saves Time in faster colour and density matching of reprints
  • Is vital to True Consistent Quality
  • Emphasises the ‘Point of Difference' of using a Owner Operated Minilab and shows Market Differentiation against Mass Merchant's cut price photofinishing

Why photo labs should manage quality control

Film processing

  • A correctly processed film will produce the best quality prints.
  • With declining film use, film processors must be monitored to maintain the best results.

Print processing

  • Digital printers require consistent processing quality to maintain accurate tonal scale and color rendition. Achieve the best blacks and whites possible.
  • Low process activity may result in reduced laser or led life as voltages are pushed up to compensate.
  • Processor monitoring is a prerequisite for colour management.

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